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RTDC is a dance-theatre company founded in 2001 by independent contemporary choreographer Ebru Aydar in Madison-WI /USA. Company members were local dancers, actors, visual artists, multimedia artists and musicians who combined individual artistic vision in order to send a message to an audience. RTDC was the first company in Madison-WI/ USA to use improvisation as a performance tool. RTDC’s work can be classified as dance theatre, performance art and post-modern dance. RTDC performed at Chicago Links hall, and various performance spaces in Madison –WI/ USA such as Kanopy dance studio, Wendy Cooper gallery, Kings’ Foot gallery, Margaret D’Houbler performance space and Oakwood village theatre. In 2002, The Company was invited to perform in Madison international improvisational dance festivals. In May 2003, artistic director and principal choreographer relocated to Chiswick/ London U.K.

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