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Altered Landscapes Juan Delgado Waterman Centre May 2016

"Agatha and I " 2011

Edith "Sparrow" Performed at Dance Attic "Cabaret" at North End Rd. Fulham London/UK

Edith "Sparrow" 2009

A visit to pierre loti/Aziyade (2009)
performed at Jacksons' Lane theatre 25 of April 2009

A visit to pierre Loti/Aziyade

“Universal Bride” (2007) performed as a part of "Connect Festival" at Lillian Baylis Stage at Sadlers Wells theatre.

“Becoming a bride, in any culture could be an initiation of a new stage of life for women. It can be scary and exciting at the same time. ”

Universal Bride, Sadlers’ Wells Theatre -Lilian Bayliss Stage London UK 2007

“Barred “(2005)

“If political discourse is "barred", dance theatre becomes a powerful medium for expression. A journey through the stormy past, forgotten memories, genocide, conflict and tears of North Cyprus.”

Barred, Yasak Ulke, Robin Howard Theatre, London UK, 2005

“A structured improvisation piece performed in Chisenhale dance Space/ London UK"

"Collages", Chisenhale Dance Space London, UK, 2004

“Anais” (2004)
“Intimate portrait of erotic fiction writer Anais Nin”

"Anais", Chisenhale Dance Space, 2004

“Betty Blue” (2004)
Inspired by novel by Philippe Djian “ Anger can destroy everything and oneself”

Betty Blue, Chisenhale Dance Space, 2004

“A structured site specific improvisation piece in collaboration with sculptor Kalpana Prakash. Performed in Kings’ Foot Gallery Madison/WI USA"

"Hair", Kings’ Foot Gallery Madison WI USA, 2002

A dance theatre piece, based on a novel by DH Lawrence.

Lady Chatterly ...etc Oakwoood Village Theatre Madison WI USA, 2001

Dance Theatre piece, based on a play by Anton Chekov.

Three Sisters, Oakwood Village Theatre Madison WI USA, 2001

"Music Box" (1999)

Performed in Broom Street Theatre in Madison Wisconsin USA in 1999

Music Box , Broom Street Theatre, Madison- Wisconsin, USA ,1999

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